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Below are some of the testimonials that Dove Management Solutions has received.
  • "The service was exhaustive, however worthwhile and timely. Service was well informed".
    Sustainable transport planning and engineering solutions consultancy, Hampshire.

  • "Very helpful, as we have been starting from scratch".
    Wheelchair and associated products maintenance and supplier, East Sussex.

  • "Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the requirements needed to meet the required standard and this is invaluable in all steps from deciding to obtain the standard, through implementation and approval".
    PCB supplier, West Sussex.

  • "Good reporting, good recommendations and value for money".
    Machine and associated materials manufacturer, West Sussex.

  • "Great value for money and extremely experienced in all aspects of ISO accreditation". "Nothing seemed to phase him and I would employ Michael direct if I could.
    Contract Cleaning Company, East Sussex.

  • "We have confidence in their knowledge and expertise and their customisable format that works well for our business"
    Medical Appliance Supplier, West Sussex.

  • "All our communicated needs were satisfied completely". "Having known Michael for some time I can recommend his professionalism and dedication".
    Glass Processing Business, Surrey.

  • "Service was prompt and efficient". Michael did what was asked of him, he was very helpful and I will use again".
    Care Home, West Sussex.

  • "Gave lots of advice and a thorough job done". "Very satisfied with the service given".
    Home Care Company, West Sussex.

  • "I am very likely to recommend Dove Management Solutions because of my recent positive experience all of my customers achieved their course objectives"
    College of Further, Higher and Adult Education, West Sussex.

  • "The task was completed to my satisfaction as a customer"
    Engineering Company, West Sussex.

  • "Prompt service and very professional"
    Lead/Acid Battery Recycling Company, Essex.

  • "Should anyone require a similar service I would definitely recommend Dove Management Solutions"
    Gas and Plumbing Company, West Sussex.

  • "A very good job was done and the after sales support has been excellent".
    Engineering Company, West Sussex.

  • "Well done, and thank you for your great assistance in helping us acheive certification".
    Engineering Company, West Sussex .

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